Pasturemag 16S (With SustaiN)

Pasturemag 16S is a unique fertiliser offering nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, and magnesium, plus calcium for plant and animal health.

It contains higher level of sulphur than found in some other products, and a portion of this is elemental sulphur.

Elemental sulphur is won’t leach during the wetter winter months and is made available to plants over the longer term. Use on high S loss soils. 

Product Benefits

  • Specifically formulated to meet the maintenance fertiliser needs of New Zealand dairy farms
  • Designed as a stand-alone product, but may be blended with some other fertilisers, including trace elements
  • Includes nitrogen in the form of SustaiN, to boost pasture growth in spring or early autumn
  • Contains a very high proportion of citric acid-soluble phosphate, which is slowly released for plant uptake
  • Contains both elemental and immediately available sulphate sulphur, to meet both short- and long-term plant needs
  • Contains citric acid-soluble magnesium, which gradually becomes available to plants over time
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