Ballance Dicalcic Pastoral

Dicalcic fertilisers are produced by combining superphosphate with lime, which causes some of the water-soluble phosphate to revert to the less available citric-soluble form. At the same time, the reaction absorbs the small amount of residual acid present in superphosphate.

Dicalcic fertilisers are ideal for use as maintenance dressings in situations where phosphate run-off is a risk.

Product Benefits
  • Contains a very high proportion of citric acid-soluble phosphate, which is slowly released for plant uptake
  • Reduces the chance of phosphate loss through run-off or leaching
  • Helps reverse the natural acidification of soil
  • May be blended with selected products, including trace elements
  • Suitable for broadcast application
N 0.0
P 4.4
K 0.0
S 5.1
Mg 0.1
Ca 30.9

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