Pasturezeal G2 High S

Pasturezeal G2 High S supplies plants with readily available forms of all the major macro-nutrients and also delivers long-lasting elemental sulphur.

Since elemental sulphur is resistant to loss by leaching, it’s suitable for autumn application.

Alternatively, Pasturezeal G2 High S may also be applied in spring. It’s particularly useful as a maintenance fertiliser on sheep and beef farms.

Available in the North Island only.

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for use as a spring or autumn maintenance fertiliser on sheep and beef farms
  • Provides all of the major nutrients typically required in a pastoral setting
  • Includes rapidly available phosphate and sulphate sulphur, to support immediate plant growth
  • Supplies elemental sulphur, to provide a long-term source of sulphur for plants
  • Includes nitrogen in the form of coated urea, to boost pasture growth in spring
  • Suitable for application by groundspread or aerial top-dressing
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