Pasturezeal G2 15K

Pasturezeal G2 15K provides plants with readily available forms of all of the major macro-nutrients.

It is ideal for use as a spring maintenance fertiliser on dairy farms, especially as it also supplies nitrogen, which will help promote pasture growth.

As with any potash fertiliser, it should not be applied until after calving, to help prevent the risk of animal health issues.

Available in the North Island only.

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for use as a spring maintenance fertiliser on dairy farms
  • Provides all of the major nutrients typically required in a pastoral setting
  • Includes rapidly available phosphate and sulphate sulphur, to support immediate plant growth
  • Includes nitrogen in the form of coated urea, to boost pasture growth in spring
  • Suitable for application by groundspread or aerial top-dressing
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