Autumn Balance (SI)

This product has been specially formulated to deliver a balanced level of key nutrients required to support healthy soils and productive pasture growth.

This combination of low-water soluble phosphate and urea will help to reduce phosphate loss by up to 75%, when compared to soluble phosphate fertilisers such as DAP.

This product should only be used when 10mm of rain is expected within 8 hours to minimise nitrogen volatilisation losses. If sufficient rain is not forecasted, it is best to consider Pasturemag, which contains SustaiN. 

Product Benefits
  • Cost effective - compared to alternatives on the market, these products are one of the most cost-effective ways to apply nitrogen, phosphate and sulphur in one application.
  • Low phosphate run-off - these products lower the risk of phosphate entering waterways as a result of fertiliser run-off.
  • Sulphate sulphur - these products provide sulphur that is immediately available to growing plants. If you are considering raising your sulphur levels to support spring growth, elemental sulphur can be added.
  • Nitrogen from urea - this will help to boost pasture growth and lift covers before the onset of winter.
N 5.4
P 6.0
K 0.0
S 7.4
Mg 4.4
Ca 14.6

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