A COVID-19 update from Ballance

 31 March 2020

Business as usual


As we near the end of the first week of the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown we thought it was timely to update you on what ‘business as usual’ looks like for Ballance, SealesWinslow and Super Air.

The recent rain has been a welcome relief for many and we’re seeing a spike in demand as customers make the most of the opportunity.



Our fertiliser products are in good supply across the country, with more vessels coming into port over the coming week to help meet the demand for DAP and SOA. 

Our teams are working alongside our carrier and groundspread partners to ensure we can continue to provide product when and where you need it. For some of our stores it is taking a little longer to get orders out the door as we operate with increased precautions. Thanks in advance for your patience. Like you, our people are doing all they can to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

If you are collecting product from one of our stores, please bring your own high-viz vest. We are unable to loan these to customers on site due to the risk of virus transmission.

Our online platform MyBallance, allows you to place orders 24/7 without having to set foot in store. Not sure how to get started? Click the link below and find out how to activate your account.


MyBallance activation video


Our Ballance Customer Services team is also available to help over the phone 0800 222 090 or email customerservices-mount@ballance.co.nz, or get in touch with your local Nutrient Specialist.


Super Air is still out and about meeting the aerial application needs of customers. They have more capacity than ever this year to handle the autumn rush and all planes are flying. Shifting from job to job is slower than normal as the team adhere to physical distancing practices – resulting in our loader drivers now travelling independently to our pilots.


We have a range of products available to support your Autumn and Winter feed needs – for advice or orders please get in touch with your local TSR.  Please note that all SealesWinslow feed manufacturing sites are still operating, however they are closed to visitors and pick-ups. For more information, contact our SealesWinslow customer service team on 0800 287 325.

Feed supply is tight

While we’re all happy to see the rain, for many it’s a case of too little, too late. Our team are starting to see a real shortage of feed on farm and, combined with the backlog being experienced at the meat processing plants, many of you will be carrying more animals as we head into winter.

Your local nutrient specialist is available to help you manage your winter feed and animal nutrition requirements to keep your stock in good condition.

Looking after each other

There is no doubt these are challenging times and it’s incredibly important we continue to look after ourselves and to check in on those around us. The Rural Support Trust have some useful guidance on the drought and COVID-19 which is available on their website, or give them a call on 0800 787 254.


Mark Wynne


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