Research and Development

Everything we do is backed by sound science

Our research and development team focusses on the development of products and services that improve the efficiency of our products, and our technical team ensures the best scientific advice is put in farmers’ hands.

Ballance works in close association with AgResearch, HortResearch, Plant & Food Research, Landcare Research, Massey and Lincoln Universities, and independent scientists, drawing on their expertise as we contribute ours. That way, we ensure we get our customers the very best advice.

Our reputation for sound science has earned us ‹Œ$9.75 million in Primary Growth Partnership funding towards our ‹‘’ million Clearview Innovations programme, which aims to increase the productive capacity of New Zealand’s primary sector while minimising environmental impacts.
In addition to our seven year programme, we are working on new biologically based products to improve nutrient efficiency. An extension programme will transfer the science to farmers, bringing producers environmental and economic gains.

As a farmer-owned co-operative with a long history in successful pastoral research, Ballance is strongly positioned to lead on farm changes that will support the sustainability of the pastoral sector.

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