Science is important to me as a means to establish truths and to provide a sustainable competitive advantage for our farmers, both domestically and globally.  

Warwick Catto

Science Strategy Manager

Warwick Catto joined Ballance in 1989 and is responsible for leading the company’s Clearview PGP programme and advocating for fertiliser industry good and environmental outcomes. A Lincoln graduate, Warwick has an honour’s degree in agricultural science and is a former New Zealand Young Farmer of the Year. He brings practical farming knowledge, technical  expertise and a deep passion for agriculture to the role.

I enjoy contributing to cutting-edge research that helps us develop new products and services – the sort of things that ultimately benefit New Zealand farmers.  

Aaron Stafford

Science Manager

Aaron Stafford joined Ballance in 2002 and is responsible for ensuring the company’s research is well managed. He graduated from Waikato University with a Master’s degree and worked as a sales representative for Ballance before moving into the science extension arena. Aaron is currently studying part-time for a PhD through Massey University.

One of the great things about this role is that I'm involved in a wide array of research projects, and I get to see first-hand innovative science transformed into commercial outcomes for farmers. Our aim is to improve the profitability of farming while significantly lowering the environmental impact of those farms, ad therefore create a sustainable legacy to benefit future generations.  

Suzanne Young

Research Associate

Suzanne joined Ballance in 2012 and is responsible for administration of the company's PGP-funded research programme, which includes managing the finances, contracts and reporting to MPI. She has a MSc from Massey University.

At Ballance, the variety of research work I get involved in provides a continuous learning environment where new knowledge gained and fertiliser technologies developed, will eventually contribute to the farmer's multiple goals of increasing farm productivity and profitability while reducing farming's negative impact on the environment.

Dr Danilo Guinto

Research Manager, Fertiliser

Danilo Guinto joined Ballance in 2014 and is involved in many aspects of fertiliser research including the PGP programme and the core research programme. He also acts as an external supervisor/adviser of postgraduate research students from Lincoln University and Massey University whose theses are being funded by Ballance. Prior to joining Ballance, he was a senior lecturer in soil science at the School of Agriculture and Food Technology, University of the South Pacific, Samoa. He also worked previously as an environmental soil scientist with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and as a sediment management specialist with the Auckland Council. Danilo obtained his PhD in Soil Science from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. 

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