Aids to effluent management

Good effluent management is an important part of modern dairy systems. Effluent provides valuable nutrients that can reduce your fertiliser bill, but too much effluent can cause environmental and animal health issues. Using Ag Hub farm management software can make all the difference to the benefits you get from on-farm application of dairy effluent.

Why use Ag Hub?

There are so many factors that influence the success of a farm that keeping on top of all of them can be near impossible. Soil moisture, soil temperature, pasture growth rates, feed availability, soil nutrient levels, effluent management - just a few of the things that need attention in between milking, farm maintenance and balancing the accounts. The more of this you can automate - reliably - the easier your life will be.

The latest advances in digital information capture and manipulation can make all the difference to the way you manage your farm, saving you time and money. Ag Hub online farm management software is one such tool that is being increasingly adopted by leading-edge farmers thoughout the country. Ag Hub offers a range of benefits, and the more intensive your farm, the more value you are likely to get from using Ag Hub.

One of the real benefits of Ag Hub is that farmers can pick and choose modules that most benefit them - there is no need to purchase a whole suite of services that you are never going to use. You can start off with a basic package, and then add modules as required. These modules include feed planning, water management, weather monitoring measurement, effluent management, soil moisture and temperature measurement, pasture cover measurement and yield mapping. The beauty of Ag Hub is that all the data from these systems is held in the one place, so analysis becomes a whole lot easier.

Ag Hub for effluent management

Automated information capture systems that can be integrated with Ag Hub are a real bonus. By capturing data automatically, you can take a proactive approach. For instance, you can look at maps of your nutrient loading on effluent paddocks and see where you need to stop spreading effluent before you risk breaching environmental regulations.

Monitoring and improving the evenness of effluent application will also improve nutrient utilisation, enabling your farm to grow more pasture.

Potassium can be an issue on effluent paddocks - with Ag Hub, you could monitor your soil nutrient levels and clearly see where potassium issues were arising. This would enable you to avoid these areas for calving. Even better, you could manage your farm so that potassium excess ceases to be an issue, which would free you up to calve anywhere on farm.

Ag Hub also provides immediate feedback on the consequences of your actions, which enables better management. the impacts of an inadvertent application of effluent to an area are easy to see, allowing you to adjust your future effluent plans for the area accordingly.

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