Superten is a single superphosphate, the fertiliser traditionally regarded as having most benefited New Zealand agriculture. Ballance Superten is made from premium rock from North Africa. This is imported to Ballance's two manufacturing sites, where it is finely ground and treated with sulphuric acid before being granulated, cured and distributed.

Why choose Superten?

The Superten range of products has been designed specifically for the farmer looking for high performance and value for money.

The P in Superten is readily soluble in the soil environment, so is rapidly available to meet plant nutrient needs. Superten also supplies sulphur (S) and calcium (Ca), and can be blended with potassium (K) to meet individual requirements.

  • Superten is a Fertmark-registered product, giving you assurance that what’s on the label is what’s in the bag.
  • Purchases of Superten products qualify for a rebate under the terms and conditions of the Ballance shareholding scheme.

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