Sulphurgain Pure

Sulphurgain Pure is a high-quality fertiliser supplying fine elemental sulphur. Applied in autumn, it will stay in the soil over winter, becoming available for pasture growth in early spring and summer. Sulphurgain Pure has been formulated for use in combination with other fertilisers. One annual application of Sulphurgain Pure has real potential to boost growth - leading to better margins and bigger returns in Sulphur responsive soils.

Why choose Sulphurgain Pure?

Protection from leaching losses: plants can only take up sulphur when it is in the sulphate form. However, sulphate sulphur is vulnerable to loss by leaching during wet periods. Elemental sulphur is not subject to leaching to any significant extent, so it can be applied in high rainfall environments and still remain in the soil, to become available to plants in the future.

Single annual applications: as the elemental sulphur in Sulphurgain Pure is not lost by leaching, a single application will provide sulphur for an extended period of time. If the product is applied in spring, it will supply sufficient sulphur to last the entire growing season. If the product is applied in autumn, it will supply sufficient sulphur to last the following spring and summer.

Rapidly available to pasture: the particles of elemental sulphur that form the pellets of Sulphurgain Pure are small in size, and this means that the sulphur is rapidly oxidised by soil bacteria, and so quickly becomes converted to sulphate sulphur, which can be used by plants

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