PhaSedN is a granulated combination of elemental sulphur, SustaiN and lime. It is designed for use where there are low organic sulphur levels so you get slow releasing sulphur as well as an application of nitrogen to boost pasture growth.

Why choose PhaSedN?

The fine elemental sulphur provides a long-term source of sulphur that is agronomically effective, and not prone to losses from leaching. It remains in the soil over winter and slowly releases to provide adequate levels in spring when pasture starts growing again. The nitrogen offers an immediate boost and included as SustaiN it reduces the risk of volatilisation losses of nitrogen.

PhaSedN is ideal if there is a high sulphur need such as sandy, peat and pumice soils or if there is high rainfall and/or a high risk of sulphur leaching.

On dairy farms PhaSedN is suitable where phosphate levels are high and no further applications are required, but sulphur availability needs to be maintained or increased. It can also be applied to effluent blocks where tactical sulphur and nitrogen is needed.

On hill country PhaSedN is suitable where there is good phosphate fertility but applying a combination of sulphur and nitrogen can be beneficial or where organic sulphur levels are low (< 8) and where soils have a low-medium anion storage capacity (ASC <60).

PhaSedN Quick Start is a granulated combination of elemental sulphur, SustaiN and lime blended with urea and sulphate of ammonia (SOA). It delivers two complementary forms of sulphur to support immediate (plant-available sulphur - SOA) and long-term (slow release sulphur – elemental) pasture growth.

  • Purchases of PhaSedN and PhaSedN Quick Start qualify for a rebate under the terms and conditions of the Ballance shareholding scheme.

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