Pasturezeal G2

Products in the Pasturezeal G2 range make use of Ballance's patented coated urea technology, which allows us to offer much more stable blends of nitrogen and phosphorus. The various products in the range are made by dry-blending coated urea with other super-based fertilisers, to produce the desired ratio of nutrients. Available in the North Island only.

Why choose Pasturezeal G2?

Pasturezeal G2 products are ideal for farmers who want to apply all their plant nutrients in one spread.

Traditionally, this has been done by blending superphosphate products with urea. However, this brings problems, as the blends can easily become wet and sticky, causing problems for spreaders and increasing the risk of crop striping. Pasturezeal G2 products allow the combination of relatively high rates of nitrogen and phosphorus, with no impact on product quality.

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