Cropzeal is a range of products designed specifically for the cropping market. The products in the range are as diverse as the crops they nourish, and include compound fertilisers, blended products and specialist crop fertilisers.

Why choose Cropzeal?

Each product in the Cropzeal range has been designed to meet the requirements of specific crop types. Cropzeal 15P is suitable for crops that have a high requirement for phosphate and a moderate need for nitrogen. For crops that need more nitrogen than phosphate, Cropzeal 16N is a good choice or, if potassium is not needed, Cropzeal 20N can be used. Brassica crops have specific nutrient requirements and these are met by Cropzeal brassica base, which includes boron, an essential trace element for healthy brassicas.

  • Cropzeal products are made right here in New Zealand, so when you buy them you're contributing to the local economy.
  • Purchases of Cropzeal products qualify for a rebate under the terms and conditions of the Ballance shareholding scheme.

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