Rural Support

From time-to-time we go through stressful situations and could use a helping hand.

There is a wide range of independent organisations that can help farmers with advice and expertise in dealing with difficult financial conditions. These include:

Your bank may also be able to help. Banks may be able to provide assistance during these challenging times, depending on farmers' individual circumstances. 

There is a wide-range of potential measures available across the banking sector, including:

  • Reducing or suspending principle payments on loans and temporarily moving to interest-only payments
  • Allowing term deposits to be broken without associated costs
  • Low interest loans for investment in key environmental systems and projects
  • Waiving fees associated with restructuring business loans
  • Providing access to short term funding
  • Financial management and budgeting advice
  • Access to workshops on improving farm productivity and performance
  • Farmers should talk to their bank to find out whether specific assistance is available for them

The key is acting before the event takes place, having plans and a budget in place, and keeping your banker and advisers in the loop.

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