SealesWinslow passes on savings


We’re in a position to pass on these savings to our customers and our aim is to keep passing on the savings for the long term.”  

September 10, 2015

SealesWinslow passes on savings

Farm animal nutrition company SealesWinslow is passing on business efficiencies through lower feed costs, sharing gains with farmers at a time when budgets are tight.

SealesWinslow’s chief operating officer Chris Brown said the business was reaping the benefits of higher efficiencies following the $10 million upgrade of its production and distribution facilities and was also saving costs through improved procurement. 

The Ballance Agri-Nutrients subsidiary has significantly reduced its prices across its calf and bulk dairy ranges.

“We’re in a position to pass on these savings to our customers and our aim is to keep passing on the savings for the long term.”

“We’re out to support dairy farmers through what looks to be a tough season ahead, giving customers certainty to make budget decisions for their on-farm feed programmes and the red meat sector will also benefit from feed savings,” he said.

With calving around the corner Chris noted that feed quality, along with a good start on colostrum and good housing is one of the essential inputs for healthy productive calves.

“This season’s calves will be entering the herd in two years’ time.  Looking after young stock is vital to future productivity of the herd – no matter what the payout.

“Feeding cheaper products containing fillers won’t supply optimum nutrition and calves will never catch up to optimal growth weights and production levels if they are compromised early on.

For farmers in a position to bring feed in on farm, Chris said that quality pelletised feed also has significant benefits for the lactating cow, by balancing out what the diet is lacking and improving the digestive efficiency of all the ingredients in the diet.

“The maths is simple really - for a well digested diet each kg of dry matter will produce more milk in the vat.”

SealesWinslow has manufacturing sites in Morrinsville, Wanganui and Ashburton. Its high quality animal feed products are available from rural merchants PGG Wrightson, NZ FarmSource, ATS, Farmlands and an additional 22 distribution sites around the country.

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