Northland flood relief support


$78.9 million for shareholders

July 21, 2014

Northland flood relief support

If you’ve been affected by the recent flooding, it’s going to take some time to recover, and we’re here to help in whatever way we can.

Hands on deck

Once the flood waters clear the next hurdle to overcome is the mess.  We have teams of two available to come and give you a hand next Thursday or Friday to help move stock, clear debris and fix fences on your property. 

If you need a hand on your farm and think we could help, please us a call on 0800 222 090.

Financial assistance

To help you recover pastures as we enter the spring season we have put together a flood relief package.  Nitrogen and sulphur play a key role in re-establishing fertile productive pastures, and we are giving flood affected shareholders in Northland $75 a tonne off our N-rich Ammo and SustaiN, SustaiN Ammo and DAP range of products.

Our feed division SealesWinslow also has options available to help get you through any short term feed deficits. 


Our team is on hand to come and help you assess the full impact of flood damage on your farm and test any soil fertility levels where pasture has been submerged for longer than a few days. We know that identifying pastures that are likely to recover naturally will be a priority, and making sure these are not limited by poor nutrition should be part of the immediate recovery plan.  To help, we have a range of information available to help you determine what needs to be prioritised and fact sheets on flood recovery plans.  These cover minor, moderate and severe flooding situations and suggested recovery strategies.  

Once you have had a chance to assess what needs to be done on your farm, please us know if Ballance can help out in any way.


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Flood recovery decision tree

Pasture recovery after minor flooding

Pasture recovery after moderate flooding

Pasture recovery after severe flooding 

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