Farmax and Ag Hub team up


Partnerships enable us to give farmers the maximum value from the Ag Hub system, as we cover everything from compliance right through to farm financials". 

September 30, 2014

Farmax and ag hub team up

Ag Hub has teamed up with Farmax to provide customers with access to pasture cover measurements across both programs.

Pasture cover measurements recorded by the Farmax package or its standalone Feed Wedge tool can now be automatically sent to Ag Hub to provide online reports of pasture covers and paddock performance.

Ballance Agri-Nutrients General Manager AgInformation, Graeme Martin, says the Farmax partnership is one of several which Ag Hub has entered into to provide a wider range of data in one place for busy farmers.

“Partnerships enable us to give farmers the maximum value from the Ag Hub system, as we cover everything from compliance right through to farm financials.

“Farmers are constantly managing information, such as fertiliser recommendations, milk production statistics, feed plans, water use and livestock weights and movements. They have to operate within government and council regulations and other compliance requirements and they are all working to their own farm goals and budgets. Our aim is to bring all this information together in an integrated way to support them to make good management decisions, knowing they have a single reliable source of good data.”

Like Ag Hub, Farmax knows how valuable integrations between software companies are to farmers and the wider agricultural industry.

“Having to enter data twice into different systems means farmers are at their desks longer than necessary. In this day and age, with the technologies we have available to us, Farmax believe there is no longer any excuse to make farmers spend unnecessary time working in software applications, we’ve been working together to do something about it,” said Gavin McEwen, Farmax General Manager.

Available through any internet connected device including smart phones and tablets, Ag Hub provides users with a complete view of their property over four aspects – production, environment, fertiliser and nutrition. Through GPS and automatic telemetry, the system can measure and control water, irrigation and effluent and measure things like soil moisture and weather conditions.  Ag Hub also displays livestock weights, kill sheets and fertiliser applications.

Farmax farm planning tools create computerised models of farming systems, allowing users to clearly understand their farm’s performance. Farmax covers the full farm spectrum of pastures, supplements, livestock and finances to provide a clear picture of past performance and highly accurate forecasts of future performance. The Farmax and Ag Hub collaboration has provided farmers with a powerful tool that can help them excel in their farming business.

In addition to Farmax, other Ag Hub partners include Xero, Watermetrics, Harvest, Smart Farm Systems, Tru Test, Gallagher, NIWA, Fonterra, Miraka, Synlait, Open Country, and Canterbury, Waikato, Otago and Horizon’s regional councils.

Customers interested in using the new link can contact the Farmax Helpdesk (0800 FARMAX) or the Ag Hub HelpDesk on (0800 MY AGHUB) for setup support.

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